Fall Beauty Must-Have's

I love that although there is still a warmth to our days, there is a crispness to the air in the evenings. Fall is around the corner and that means that it is time to freshen up my beauty and body products for the new season. Here are some of my must-have's:


Kneipp Lavender Balancing Herbal Bath
*Balancing - Helps combat fatigue, relaxes and brings about a peace of mind.*Known for its balancing effects, this aroma intensive bath treatment helps to combat mental and physical fatigue. Through the relaxing effect of the Lavender herb, it is most helpful when you feel nervous or itching which could be a symptom of our over-stressed and overly-busy lives. The balancing effect of Lavender can also be very energizing.
This is a must-have for me! Working at home and having my two girls with me all day can drain me, so a warm bath is something I do almost every night!
Price: $5 for .68 fl oz
Where to buy: C.O. Bigelow & http://www.bigelowchemists.com/


L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hair Spray - Supreme Hold
Elnett Very Volume is enriched with Pro-Keratin and helps to create effortless volume for hairstyles that hold. Its unique micro-diffused spray is ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush. Why is Elnett a perfect hairspray for all styles? It's ideal for styling and restyling hair, straightening, curling and creating volume to sculpt the perfect hairstyle.
This spray is one of the best! It has been around forever and every pro hairstylist I know has this in their secret arsenol. With the Fall winds in full effect, I'll be needing this one on a daily basis.
Price: $13
Where to buy: C.O. Bigelow & http://www.bigelowchemists.com/


Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers
Authentic aburatorigami was originally created by gold leaf artisans and discovered by geisha in the 1800's for its skin benefits.  These all-natural leaflets are powder free, fragrance free and handmade.  They are suitable for all skin types.
Who wants cakey looking makeup? Not me! That's why I am addicted to these face blotting papers. They get rid of the shine without tampering with my makeup.
Price: $12
Where to buy: C.O. Bigelow & http://www.bigelowchemists.com/

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