Keeping track of my Roman travels via a blog

Thinking of blogging...our guest poster, Christy, shares her experience starting up a travel blog:

Guest post written by Christy Blackburn

When one of my friends studied abroad for a semester, she kept up a study abroad blog that was so cool! She posted a bunch of her pictures there and it was really great. I felt like I was actually there with her! Except it was also so much cheaper than printing out pictures to send to your friends and family.

I decided to do the same thing and so I went online trying to find a way to set one of them up. While I was searching for some info on that, I ran across the site After I looked through it a little bit, I decided to just sign up for my own domain on there, that way I'd be able to do some cooler stuff with it than if I just had some regular old blogging platform I was using.

I think that this Rome study abroad is going to be really great. Plus, I'll also really look forward to when my friends and family come out and visit me there!

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