Sunscreen Products New Guidelines

Did you know that there are going to be new guidelines for sunscreen protection starting Summer 2012? Well there are and in order for sunscreens to claim they protect against skin cancer, they have to prove they filter out those scary UVA rays in addition to UVB rays, which are currently tackled via the Sun Protection Factor, or as we know it as, SPF.

You can know that your sunsreen is blocking out both kinds of rays if it has a higher SPF than 15 and if it says "broad spectrum" on the bottle. Also, bad new for those folks who use the "waterproof" varieties. The FDA is prohibiting sunscreen products manufacturers to market their products as such since no sunscreen can do this. If your sunscreen claims that it is "water-resistant" it will now have to tell you how long it will "resist" the water.

Bottom line, use sunscreen products labeled "broad-spectrum" and with an SPF of 15 or highter and reapply, reappy, reapply!

Speaking of sunscreen, make sure you cover those too-often missed spots such as the scalp, ears and feet!

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