Feather Hair Extensions

What do you all think about feather hair extensions. I think they are super fun, cute and youthful. If you don't know what feather hair extensions are, Glamour Mag shares the basic idea with us: They clip in and you can wash them and style them with the rest of your hair until you decide to take it out.

Hillary Duff's Feather Hair Extensions
Jennifer Love Hewitt's Feather Hair Extensions
Ke$ha's Feather Hair Extensions
Selena Gomez sports feather hair extensions too!
So what do you think? Are you going to try this trend? You can head to your local salon and get them put in for around $15-45. I am thinking about it but will I end up looking like a mom that is trying to be 19? Leave your comments!


  1. I LOVE them and am turning 30 this year. I worried the same thing, but to hell with what others think...these are fun!!! I plan on getting some next week ; )

  2. looks great! i should try to used it..thanks.regards.

  3. Nice great hair!really looks nice at them..nice post.regards.



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