Ooh, la la...I love this smell!

I haven't purchased a new perfume since several years ago when I received Vera Wang Princess as a gift. And, although I do love the fragrance, it was time for my sniffers to smell something fresh and new. In steps, Wildbloom by Banana Republic.

Wildbloom is an eau de parfum that captures the beauty of joy, optimism and spontaneity. Soft, sophisticated and irresistibly feminine, Wildbloom exudes effortless sensuality and magnetism (sounds like me doesn't it?). Developed by leading perfumer Jean-Claude Delville of Drom, the Floral Fruity Chypre scent reflects an easy elegance with a confident wink.

The fragrance is bright, fresh and unexpected and leaves you feeling (and smelling) attractive, seductive, fresh and rich.

The foundation of the fragrance conveys sensual femininity, with woody nuances, radiant musk and pink suede. The initial impression is one of freshness and purity, as sparkling citrus notes introduce luscious fruits. As the fragrance evolves, the captivating floral heart emerges, blending effortlessly with the breezy first impression. The background notes add subtle dimension and sheer sensuality for a deep, lush finish.

The bottle is statuesque and modern and features an oversized brush leather flower bloom on the front.

Want to smell like me? Wildbloom Eau de Parfum Natural Spray (1.7 fl oz/50 mL) retails for $48 and will be available exclusively at Banana Republic stores nationwide beginning February 2011.

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