My Favorite Volunteers & A Giveaway

In honor of a special collaboration with Volunteer Spot, I wanted to share stories about two special people in my life who both work hard around the clock for not only work, but helping others too.

The first, my girlfriend Jessica is a therapist for those with special needs. In addition to helping people throughout her workday, she is always willing to team up with me or others for a good cause. These causes range from making blankets for The Linus Project to participating in races that benefit the needy.

The second, is my long-time friend (since Kindergarten) Kelly. Kelly is a 4th grade teacher in the Bay Area. While that is a feat in itself, Kelly also takes personal time to help anyone in need whether it be for a friend who needs a sitter or for kids at school who need extra help.

I am  proud of both my friends for all they do for others!

To honor these and many volunteers just like them, Carolina Pad and Volunteer Spot are teaming up to give my readers a chance to win a gift certificate for themselves and a special volunteer in their lives. That special volunteer can also receive up to 20 notebooks for their organization. To enter, click the picture above or click here.

VolunteerSpot is a FREE online resource for volunteers to organize events, a soccer season, church fundraiser and many, many more other volunteer events. VolunteerSpot's FREE online signup sheets make it easy for anyone to schedule and coordinate parent volunteers -- say goodbye to reply all email and clipboard sign up sheets this spring!

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