Giada at Home: A Cute Show

I just love Giada, don't you? If you beauty addicts are unfamiliar with the name, Giada is a fantastic Italian chef who looks just as amazing in the kitchen as her recipes do bubbling on the stovetop. Although I do not typically write about food, Giada is so stylish while cooking, I just had to comment. Alonso Kramer was nice enough to visit us here at Will Blog for Beauty and do a guest post. Take it away Alonso...

The article written by Alonso Kramer

Can you imagine looking like this while making desserts? I usually have flour in my hair and butter on my face!

I love to watch, "Giada at Home," for inspiration when it comes to baking desserts. Giada is such an elegant and cute host of the show, and she makes you think that anything is possible. Even if one is the worst cook alive, this show can teach one how to become more coordinated and precise in baking up recipes. I truly recommend this show for anyone who is inexperienced when it comes to baking desserts. This is a great show and I never miss an episode of it on my satellite tv from

She looks this amazing baking cookies folks!
I love to watch "Giada at Home" for inspiration in baking cookies. In particular, my passion is for baking cookies. These delectable sweet treats are a favorite amongst the guests I host in my own home. I love baking cookies, because they make the perfect side dish with coffee or just as a quick snack. From this show, I have learned literally hundreds of recipes for baking cookies. I think I am truly a pro at baking cookies, after watching episodes of this show. In addition, I like that the desserts I learn how to make on this show are elegant and perfect for any occasion. This show is truly one of the best ones to watch for making desserts that have an elegant twist to them and are simply delicious as well!

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