Valentine's Hair Styles

Do you know how you are wearing your hair for Valentine's Day? I sure don't. But I did come across these Valentine's hair styles lately that I love. What do you think?

I love this ultra glam pony with just a hint of bump at the top. Get-it tip: Curl hair all-over with a medium barrel curling iron before putting hair in a pony.

This messy half-up Valentine's hair style calls my name. I love the simplicity of it all and how the curls are slightly undone. Get-it tip: Curl hair all over and then run styling cream through hair afterward to break up curls and create this undone look.

Va-Va-Va Volume! Ooh, how I love the volume on country cutie Carrie Underwood's 'do here. Get-it tip: Blow dry hair upside down for extra oomph.

Well hello again Ms. Witherspoon. I just love her bangs and this flirty look is a perfect addition to any length of hair. You may remember me raving about Reese's bangs in this post recently. Get-it tip: To copy her flirty coif, roll bangs under with a round brush and then add a touch of pomade on the ends for piecy-ness.

Hopefully I have given you some Valentine's hair styles inspiration for your own 'do. Are any of you going to copy any of these looks? Let us know by leaving your comments!

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