Reese Witherspoon's Bangs

Oh how I heart Reese's beautiful bangs. She always has them done up in such a cute little way? What made me think of this you ask? The picture below:

Aren't they pure perfection? This picture was taken at the German premiere of "How Do You Know" last week. With all my beauty expertise, I feel like my bangs never "stay" the way I want throughout the day. Perhaps its the fact that I've resigned to only spend 10 minutes or less on my hair daily or that I run after kids and get boogers, drool, cereal and jelly smeared into them every day. I dunno. But just once, I'd love for my bangs to stay like Reese Witherspoon's. To end my rant, here are some more pictures of Reese's bang-up bangs (ha ha pun intended). Off to go chop my bangs...

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