Celebrity Trends in 2011

Even though we’re already two months into 2011, there is still time to predict the celeb trends of the year. Here's what we think will happen, based on 2010's happenings and what our magic crystal ball told us.

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Metallic, shimmery dresses were all the rage in 2010, the perfect mix of "look at me" and futuristic. Shiny will still be in, but as an accompaniment like a handbag or scarf, not as a full ensemble.

Photo Courtesy of Hollywood Gossip
Bangs but have been en vogue for the last few years, but 2011 will see them take a seat. Only so many face shapes can wear these the right way, and it's a shame to cover up so many beautiful foreheads!

Photo Courtesy of Become Gorgeous
Glowing gold is still in. Celebs wore golden ensembles mixed with a little bronzer and some fitting eyeshadow for a glowing effect. Consider it the anti-Jersey Shore, a look for a natural glow rather than orange fakeness.

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Frizz is in full effect. Celebs have been letting their natural waves and curls show more and more, and in 2011 the curly-haired amongst us will no longer have to grow through hours of straightening to get a look that is in.

Photo Courtesy of The Fashionable Housewife
Along those lines, tossed but not messy-looking hair will be in as well. More natural hair looks will be big in 2011, glamming hairstyles down just a tad. But remember: it takes lots of work to look like you don't care.

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