My Adventures with a Glycolic Peel

Want radiant, glowing, soft, smooth skin in under 10 minutes? Try a glycolic peel! I recently had the opportunity to try my very first glycolic peel. Mind you, I have had plenty of experience with facials of all sorts, but never a peel. But the fine folks at Natural Skin Shop helped me choose the perfect peel. Here's how it went:

Preface: I apologize for not posting before & after shots, but either shot I took did not do the actual before and after sorry, but

Step 1: Ordered my glycolic peel from the Natural Skin Shop website. (On a side note, I have to say that these folks are fantastic at helping you pick out a peel--they even have professionals available for you to contact to use as your own personal skin specialists).

Step 2: Receive my glycolic peel, open the box and run upstairs while speed-reading the directions. (Disclaimer to readers: PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY prior to applying any type of peel or mask to your face).

Step 3: Wash face, pat dry and apply the glycolic peel.

Step 4: Remove the peel and apply moisturizer.

Step 5: Aaah, feel my oh-so-soft skin that is now radiantly glowing.

Yes readers, this peel really made a difference in how my skin now looks and feels. I am officially addicted and will be using this baby once a month to maintain my results. Want to try a glycolic peel? Feeling a bit squeamish about what will happen? Feel free to ask me about my experience by leaving your comment...

Disclosure: I have received a product sample for review from Natural Skin Shop through a promotion on

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