Working With Your Natural Hair Texture

Work with your natural hair texture!!!
Oh how I love the new trend of working with your natural hair texture. It makes my morning styling session super simple and fast (and with two young daughters underfoot, this is always a good thing!). To work with your natural hair texture (whatever it may be), simply allow hair to air dry naturally. I know, I are thinking 'ya, and run the risk of a frizzy mess?!' Just because you are letting your own hair texture come through via air drying, doesn't mean you can't add a bit of product. My favorites for natural hair texture enhancement are:
Styling Creams like Icon Antidote Repleneshing Styling Cream for Hair Texture that is Wavy:

Photo Courtesy of Planet Beauty
A Gel-Cream hybrid product like Matrix Logics Gelastic Gel Cream for Hair Texture that is Curly:

A Shine Serum like Enjoy Shine and Smooth for Hair Texture that is Frizz Prone:

Photo Courtesy of KutnBeauty
And every hair texture type can benefit from a good leave-in conditioner.

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