The New Me: The New Wednesday

So party ok, mostly in due to the fact that I got emails and a great response from last Wednesday’s post, I am recreating my Wednesday post to not necessarily be a review, but a posting of my favorite beauty item, must-have or whatever for the week. Enjoy this week---I am addicted to head bands lately!

Head bands are fabulous for fixing unruly hair. They give you an instant chic-ness that you just can't get from a plain pony.

Courtesy of Stylist
Don't you just think this is so cute. Something to dress up your casual Friday? Here is a tutorial on how to make your own fabric flowers by Simply Vintagegirl's Blog: Fabric Flower Tutorial (since I am soooo into DIY lately, I think that you should make your own fabric flower and then hot glue it onto a plain jane headband).

Photo Courtesy of UrbanCurlz
Ooh, la la--I love the feather detailing and the all black color. I can picture wearing this with some dark jeans, a black cardigan with sparkle detail and ultra high black heels!

Source Unknown
Isn't this gorgeous? I love the flower and all the sparkly detail!

Photo Courtesy of Mary Clary Designs
I think this one is gorgeous for a bride. Add a little bling to your bridal ensemble huh?!

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