Help a Blogger Out!

Happy Weekend Readers! If you have noticed on my right sidebar, there is a little button that has a listing of all my "followers" on it. Currently, it reads that I have 51 "followers". Since this blog is coming up on its big 1-year anniversary, I thought we could all share in the joy if I reach 100 followers. That's right folks, 100 followers!

So tell your neighbors, tell your friends---Will Blog for Beauty is the place to be! If I reach 100 followers by December 31, I will start 2011 off right by having a month's worth of giveaways! That means you will have many upon many chances to win lots of beauty goodies.

But I need your help--if you haven't already, become a follower by clicking on the button that says "follow" and if you are a follower already, tell a friend, tell a cousin or tell your mom to become one. We really have something for everyone!

Thanks for your continued support and cheers to a fabulous rest of the year!

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