Ahh, the Holidays!

Ahh, the holidays are here and it is my favorite time of year. Christmas is just over six weeks away which means I have got to get on my Christmas cards! In the name of beauty, I am going to go with one of Shutterfly's gorgeous designs. Their holiday photo cards are my favorite and I have used them for the past two years.

I have so many fun-filled memories with my family from this year so for my Christmas card greeting for 2010 I am going with Shutterfly's Family Wall Noir card for its chic color scheme and option of multiple pictures. I mean doesn't shoving six pictures of my gorgeous girls into the faces of all my friends and relatives say 'Merry Christmas' to you?! I'm just kidding folks....sort of.

In the spirit of giving, I may also make calendars for my girls' grandparents as well (grandparents-if you are reading, please disregard this last sentence).

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