Anti-Aging Deals from the Dollar Store

Dr. Oz recently hosted an expert dermatologist who shared her anti-aging deals from the dollar stores. Here is what she shared that I am, in turn, passing onto you!

Ginseng Tea Bags

Dr. Oz’s expert dermatologist said to use cooled ginseng tea bags on the eye area. Allow them to sit on your eye area to relax fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Pumpkin and Exfoliation Gloves

A simple pumpkin extract in a can combined with exfoliation gloves can help deeply exfoliate the skin with its natural alpha hydroxy acids. I have to say that I pay top dollar at the spa for exfoliation facials using pumpkin so to know that I can do this treatment at home is wonderful! The dermatologists suggested applying the pumpkin to your face, allowing it to sit for 5-10 minutes and then removing with damp exfoliation gloves.

Lip Plumper

A lip plumping gloss is ideal for anyone who is looking to get a kissable looking pout. Although I typically purchase my lip plumper, Lip Venom, from Sephora, I may have to save myself a few bucks and pick it up at my local Dollar Tree instead!

Vitamin C Lotion

Vitamin C lotions and creams help to infuse anti-oxidants into the skin fighting free radicals and early signs of aging. Skip spending big bucks on lotions infused with Vitamin C at the department store and pick one up at the dollar store instead. Dr. Oz’s expert dermatologist says to look for one with ‘ascorbic acid’ in the ingredient list.

Saving money and looking younger…you can’t beat it!

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