Wednesday's Review: Nad's Body Wax Strips

Let me start of this blog post by saying that I am a body hair removal expert. I come from a Middle Eastern background mixed with equal parts Mediterranean background making me twice as hairy as anyone you have ever met. Because of this I have tried every hair removal method known to woman.

I can remember my first go-round with Nad's. My girlfriend and I ordered it off an infomercial and then tried waxing each other. We were young, inexperienced and it hurt...A LOT!

So when I recently ran out of my normal microwave wax but needed a quick fix for my 'stache (I mean, my upper lip peach fuzz-HA), I bolted to CVS Pharmacy to see what they could offer in my desperate state. I reached for Nad's Body Wax Strips because they seemed promising and I figured I could always try them for my next review.

So, getting to the point...I LOVED these little suckers. They took my hair off as well as my professional warm wax and they are all natural (you gotta love that). I would definitely recommend Nad's Body Wax Strips to anyone looking for a fast and easy hair removal method that WORKS.

Kristle's Tip: Be sure you use the numbing wipe prior to because these strips seemed to sting moreso than other products I've used.

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