How to Fight Frizzy Hair Fast

Frizzy hair is bound to crop up on the best of us because of the increased humidity in the air during Fall months. You can fight frizzy hair with tips from our ‘mane man’ at Farouk Systems, Jason Yates. Jason shared his frizzy hair fighter techniques with Will Blog for Beauty.

He recently showed Miss Netherlands how to beat the humidity blues and fight her frizzy hair with a light mist of CHI 44 Iron Guard to lock in the straightness and keep the humidity out. Then, he grabbed his trusty flat iron (Yates was using the new CHI Royal Treatment Gold Ceramic Digital Hairstyling Iron) and starting a ½-inch from the scalp, Yates took small sections of hair and slowly worked the iron to the ends to actually “push” the product into her hair. The end result was perfectly straight, but the question remained--would it stay that way? Yes! To show that what he just performed would withstand humidity, Jason lightly sprayed water on the beauty queen’s hair, proving that no matter how much moisture she encounters, her hair will remain straight until she washes the product out.

You can use Jason’s same technique to fight your own frizzy hair battle at home. Use his suggestion of CHI 44 Iron Guard prior to styling hair with heat. I would even suggest using a frizz fighting serum afterward for extra protection.

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  1. I've used Iron Guard and it is great! It also smells good. We all need something to keep our hair soft and smooth!



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