Win with our PC to Paper Challenge

Hello Readers!

Boy, do I have a challenge for ya'll! Pear Tree (a company who graciously helps us put on our giveaways occassionally) recently challenged me (me, the computer addicted blogger) to start sending out a few handwritten notes to friends, family...whoever over the next few weeks. I thought this was a FABULOUS challenge because all-too-often (and I say this as a computer addicted blogger, mind you) we get so caught up in emails, Facebook and text messages that we miss out the good ole fashioned form of penmenship.

So, readers, I challenge all of you to do just what I am doing over the next few weeks and write up a few personal notes to friends, family...whoever. Then, email me your best note at and let me know what the recipient thought. You will be entered for a chance to win a set of Pear Tree notecards.

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