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Hello Readers, thank you for sending in your comments and emails in the first ‘Ask Will Blog for Beauty’. Here is the most popular question:

Kelly Wens asks:

What are some good ways to spice up your summer wardrobe without spending a fortune?

Will Blog for Beauty answers:

Kelly, you can easily spice up your wardrobe with simple accessories. For example, earrings, a beaded necklace or a new pair of inexpensive shoes (I’m partial to Target for my inexpensive shoe collection) can do wonders for your summer wardrobe. Also, think makeup changes. Corals, pinks and apricots are sexy summer colors for 2010. Switch out your regular lip gloss or blush hue for one of these three to change your overall look!

Anonymous asks:

What is a good mineral makeup that won't clog my pores?

Mineral makeup in general is known to be non-comedegenic and good for the skin. As a general rule of thumb, try to pick one with as little ingredients as possible. I love using Bare Escentuals brand. Their ingredients are pure and natural and are limited to just a few.

Kaitlyn asks:

What swimsuit style is hot this summer?

Funny you should ask this Kaitlyn. Check out the following links from former posts on this very subject!

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