Tanning Addicts, Listen Up!

If you are a tanning addict, listen up! I have one more reason why sunless tanner is a better option than the sun to get your glow. MSNBC’s Body Odd Blog is reporting that sunless tanner has healing benefits. It turns out that the “sunless tanners sugar-based molecules that turn you brown and stick to your skin can be combined with chemical goo to create a sticky gel bandage to help medical wounds heal better”. Interesting stuff, huh?!

These research plastic surgeons have found that this new concoction can fill the holes and heal wounds left behind from surgeries such as reconstructive and procedures to remove cancerous tissues.

Hold on to your horses though…you can’t just go pick up a bottle of Neutrogena and expect it to miraculously heal everything. This process only works when it is compounded by the research doctors.

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