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It is womens swim suit season and I got some swimsuit insight recently from Oprah Magazine’s creative director, Adam Glassman. Glassman gives 10 swimsuit commandments that we should all follow:

1) THOU SHALT NOT buy a tankini; they aren’t as flattering as you may think. You get no real belly coverage (so true), and the top hits at a bad spot. They’re just as unforgiving as a bikini.

2) THOU SHALT try a maillot. They’re sexier than a string bikini! A one-piece with gathered fabric in the middle is as miraculous as a wrap dress; It instantly creates a waist and disguises bulges.

3) THOUGH SHALT NOT wear prints if you’re full-figured. You’ll only look bigger. (So why are so many plus-size womens swim suits in cheetah print—I don’t have a clue?!)

4) THOU SHALT pick a sophisticated color. Neons and graphic designs are better left to young women or surfer chicks.

5) THOU SHALT NOT hide under a skirted suit. (That means you Nana!)They age you. Cover up with a sarong or tunic.

6) THOU SHALT choose a higher-cut leg. It will make thighs look leaner. Boy shorts are unkind even if you have toothpicks for legs.

7) THOU SHALT NOT bother with a white swimsuit. It’s good for glamour purposes only.

8) THOU SHALT buy a new bathing suit every other year. They lose elasticity and start to pill.

9) THOU SHALT NOT even think about an unstructured top if you are larger than a B cup.

10) THOUGH SHALT go shopping in the morning or at midday, before you’re too tired.

Adam Glassman has some great points in these womens swim suit ‘commandments’. I, for one, am definitely guilty of wearing an unflattering tankini (post partum) in hopes that it would conceal my post pregnancy pooch. I think that, as women, we all have the right to wear a sexy swim suit this summer season, so here are some womens swim suit suggestions from Adam as well:

Lorena Swimsuit:

I love the Lorena Swimsuit because it is every bit as functional as it is fashionable. Pair it with a cute sarong and this is one womens swim suit you will feel comfortable in everywhere.

Victoria's Secret Swimsuit (see above)
This is a fabulously sexy womens swim suit. It looks like fashionable lingerie, sucks in all the right spots while accentuating the positive as well. Love it!

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