3 Anti Aging Tips to Try Right Now

We are all looking for that so-called fountain of youth so that we can do some ‘anti aging’ work. Until we find that fountain, here are some tips to tide you over:

Add Highlights

An all-over monotone color may look fabulous on Kim Kardashian, but for everyone else it doesn’t. A solid hue makes your skin appear drab and older. By adding just a few highlights, you bring a brighter feeling to your whole face.

Lose the Loose Powder

Loose powder or any powder for that matter can settle into fine lines around eyes, mouth and anywhere else those suckers creep up on. Get coverage by using a dewy foundation or a tinted moisturizer instead. If you are still feeling overly shiny, use a large bristled powder brush to lightly dust a bit of powder only in the offending areas.

Loosen Up

Too-stiff hair can make anyone appear matronly. Switch up your style and incorporate soft, tousled looks by playing up your natural texture and shave not only years off your appearance, but time off your morning routine as well.


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