Swimsuit Envy

Ever head on down to the pool and look around at all the other women and get swimsuit envy? I do! Since being on vacation, I have seen the cutest swimsuits around lately. I picked up my swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret in an effort to enhance some areas while concealing others (::wink, wink::). Anyway, my swimsuit is a simple black top and bottom and it seems that I missed the memo that polka dots were this season’s hot swimsuit trend.

If you want to be a poolside trendsetter during this swimsuit season, try on one of these hot polka dot looks:

J. Crew Polka Dot Retro One-Piece

Insight The Keep Talking Bikini

If you are on the curvy side, you can still flaunt what you’ve got in a retro style one-piece. Look for a halter top and high cut sides to compliment your assets.

If you need something to add to your…ahem, assets, then try a bikini that has ruffle detailing around the bust and hips. This will add a bit of bulk in the areas you need to add some curve to.

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