Hot Mens Hairstyle Alert

Perhaps it’s because he, himself is super hot or maybe it’s the mens hairstyle that he is sporting lately, but either way I LOVE Robert Pattinson’s new ‘do.

The Twilight Saga Star debuted his hot new mens hairstyle on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. The look, which saved his long locks on top but shaved the sides is for a new movie role in which he stars opposite of Reese Witherspoon (reason #581 why I’m jealous of her). The new movie, “Water for Elephants”, is an adaptation of the best-selling book and I’m sure I’ll go see it (just to critique his new hair, of course ::eye roll::).

Anyway, although mens hairstyle trends don’t catch on as quickly as women’s do, I’m willing to bet this one will be a top request in salons and barber shops around the globe!

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