Confessions of a MAC Addict

Our guest writer, Stefani Gutierrez, is a self-confessed MAC addict. Currently in beauty school to begin her career in makeup artistry, Stefani was willing to share her current favorite MAC must-haves.

As an aspiring makeup artist, there are quite a few products I’ve familiarized myself with and become a fan of. I'll let you in on a little secret, makeup is my forte. In the future, I plan to specialize in all things avant garde, so naturally I have to review my favorite MAC product. I hope everyone understands how hard it is to limit myself to just one product, so I’m going to review a product AND a brush. Here we go!

My favorite MAC product at the moment would definitely be the “Steamy” eye shadow from their Hello Kitty Collection. The color also comes available as a normal eye shadow, or as a palette insert.

This version of the shadow is more highly pigmented, in my opinion, and it has a high shine factor. The color itself is a bright blue, leaning more towards the teal/turquoise family. It sticks fairly well to eyelids, but a couple of ways to make the shadow stay better are as follows: use MAC’s Prep and Prime all over your face (eyelids included); or just use MAC’s Paint Pot in “Painterly” to prime only the eyelids. Both make the color stand out even better, and as I mentioned before, the high pigmentation gives it a whole other level of “oomph”, if you will.

Now moving onto the brush. My favorite MAC brush that I’ve come across is the ‘219SE’. It’s an eyeshadow brush, mostly used for blending. It’s a bristle brush, not a sponge brush, and it comes to a slightly rounded point near the top. I’m obsessed with any kind of smoky eye, and this brush is great for adding the outer corner color, and blending everything together.

Now you must know that MAC drifts more towards the pricy side, but in my opinion, everything was worth the money spent. So go to your nearest MAC store or counter and try these out, because I promise you won’t regret it.

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