Nail Polish Knock-Offs

Nail polish has become one of the hottest must-have accessories. Each season, high-end designers create in-demand, limited-edition collections that instantly attract a cult following. In turn, these hot shades sell out immediately, even at high prices. Now, you can steal the look without spending a fortune – below are some of the season’s hottest shades at accessible prices! I call these 'nail polish knock-offs'. But even better than a knock-off purse because NO ONE will be able to tell that it is not Chanel!

“Putty Shades”

Try Borghese Nail Lacquer in Biscotto Beige ($8), instead of Chanel’s Particuliere ($23).

“Mannequin Hands”

Try Borghese Nail Lacquer in Almondine ($8), instead of Grunge by Rescue Beauty Lounge ($18).

“Aqua Shades”

Try Borghese Nail Lacquer in Menta ($8), instead of Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague ($23).

I was able to try two of these shades recently and have to say that I really liked the Biscotto Beige. What a great (and inexpensive) alternative to Chanel! You can find these Borghese Nail Lacquer knock-off shades at retailers like Ulta.

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