The French Manicure Made Easy

I have a confession…I am a French manicure addict! I really like the clean look of white tips and especially love the feel of a little length. After having acrylic nails with a French manicure for over a decade, I decided to give them up and go au natural. I have another confession…I greatly regret it. It’s not that I don’t like my natural nails; I just think it’s a pain to have to constantly be painting my nails and miss my French manicure. So recently after considering getting acrylics put back on, a light bulb went off and I remembered a little trick that my friends and I would do when we were in a bind and couldn’t get to the nail salon…we used press-on nails!

Press-on nails aren’t the ‘Lee Press-On Nails” that they used to be. You would be surprised how great they actually look. For $5-10 you can purchase French manicure style press-on nails from the drugstore or beauty supply and you will have a DIY French manicure in less than ten minutes that will last for about a week!

I think French manicure style press-on nails are perfect for those situations that you need to look put-together but don’t have the time or cash to head to a nail salon.

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