Get Gorgeous with These Skincare Tips and Tricks

Skincare is vitally important. Not only will the proper skincare tricks leave your skin glowing, but great skincare will also keep your skin looking young and make your makeup look even better! Use these skincare tips from Bliss creator (you know from Bliss Spas) Marcia Kilgore:


Exfoliate regularly but safe the harsh scrubs for cleaning your kitchen floor. Marcia suggests using a scrub with beads versus harsher scrubs. Also, only exfoliate twice per week for glowing skin.

Brown Spots

Marcia suggests using citric acid, like from a lemon, to fade brown spots. If you aren’t so keen on soaking your face in lemonade, a lot of skincare products now offer products with Vitamin C in them to help fade brown spots.

Ice Water

She also suggests a face dunk in ice water for instant radiance. It tightens pores and gets skin glowing. Another suggestion—put your skincare creams in the refrigerator for a refreshing treat each morning.

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