Easy Hairstyle Trick

Want to know my easy hairstyle trick for getting effortless, yet chic waves? Ok, I’ll let you in…

When hair is damp, spray in a texturizing spray or curl/wave enhancing product. Scrunch hair and allow to air dry or use a diffuser to dry hair to about 75% dry (then air dry the rest). Then, simply curl the front, face framing layers. Use a medium barrel curling iron (or large if your hair is longer) and curl hair toward the back of your head. I would suggest curling at least two pieces on each side of your head. Then once hair is set and cooled, rake your fingers through for effortless looking waves.

My friend Katie uses this easy hairstyle trick all the time and her hair always looks like she spent an hour on it. In actuality, this look only takes about five minutes or less! You can look pulled together and ready for work or a night out with the girls with just a few minutes of prep.

Additional Tips:

Use a frizz fighting serum while hair is damp if your hair tends to lean toward the frizzy side.

Use hairspray all over the style afterward to set it and keep curls in place.

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