Finding the Perfect Fragrance

Finding the perfect fragrance is something so personal. Finding that special scent is only something you can do because only you know what appeals to your senses. My personal favorite?-Vera Wang Princess with Victoria Secret’s Dream Angels Heavenly coming in at a close second.

When looking for a new fragrance, head to your local department store or even Sephora or Ulta. These places have many fragrances on hand for you to test out.
Ask the girl behind the counter for suggestions. For example, if you favor fruity or floral scents, ask her to get some of the most popular ones out for you to try.
Do not use the sample card to spray fragrances onto. Instead, spray them right onto your wrist (one at a time please).

Allow the fragrance to air dry. Rubbing or blotting the fragrance can crush the scent particles, giving the fragrance a different scent than it was meant to have.
The first smell you notice is called the top note. It is what attracts you to that particular smell. Walk around the store for about ten to fifteen minutes with the scent. You will then notice the heart note. This is the smell that occurs when the fragrance is mixed with your own body chemistry and body heat. The end note is what you will smell literally toward the end of the day. It is the remaining fragrance left over.

Try up to three fragrances at one time as long as you don’t spray them in the same area.

Some of the most popular fragrances purchased are Estee Lauder’s Beautiful, Clinique Happy, Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels and, of course, Chanel No 5.

Once you’ve found the perfect fragrance be sure to spray it on your decollate, wrists and just behind your knees for an allover scent-sational smell.

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