What’s Hot Now: Choppy, Mid Length Hair

Looking for the hottest hair cut to try out? Try a choppy, mid length hair cut like Ashley Olsen’s. Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson says that the choppy, mid length hair ‘do is super hot, but he advises to not be a slave to fashion and still get something that compliments you.

The choppy, mid length hair cut is a way to fabulously grow out your ultra short styles from seasons past without getting that’ in-between’ look. Choppy mid length hair layers that graze the shoulders are perfect for growing out any short hair cut from the pixie to the graduated bob.

I’m all for this choppy, mid length hair and am testing out myself as I grow out my shorter and choppier bob from a few months back. I’d suggest using products such as spray wax to piece out the textured ends and conceal any split ends too.

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