Let's Talk: Winter Hairstyle and Beauty Blah's

The cold weather is here (unless you live in Southern California like me). For some reason when winter comes around, everyone seems to get the winter hairstyle and beauty blah's. Many of my clients and readers want to know what they can do to perk up their skintone, give body and life to their hairstyle and feel better overall.

Common winter hairstyle and beauty blah complaints include: 1. My skintone looks pale and dull; 2. My hairstyle is flat and lifeless; 3. My haircolor is dull and lackluster.

Recently, a dear reader, Gina, wrote in with those exact complaints. Here's what I suggest for her and for you to fight the winter hairstyle and beauty blah's:

1) Your sunny skintone has faded along with summer. Why not fake it with a few options. One option, a tinted moisturizer like Dermalogica's Tinted Moisturizer, will help to add color, moisture and sunscreen to your skin. This makes it a quick and easy dull skintone fix. Use it daily in lieu of your moisturizer, SPF and foundation.

Secondly, you can exfoliate weekly with a facial scrub to whisk away dead, dulling skin cells and reveal fresh, bright ones underneath.

And lastly, give yourself a faux glow with an at-home self tanner. I like the Bliss Brand myself because of its application ease.

2) Ok, so your hairstyle seems a little flat and boring? Why not make the most of winter and cut a few inches off to shed the dull, damaged ends of summers past and give yourself a fresh, new hairstyle? Short bob hairstyle looks are all the rage right now, so I'd suggest trying one of those.

3) As for dull and lackluster haircolor, revive it with one of my favorite styling products, John Frieda's Luminous Color Glaze. I love this glaze because it gives my uber-shiny strands and I get complimented every time I use it. It is super easy to use at-home in the shower and you can choose from a variety of colors or pick the clear color option.

Any other winter hairstyle or beauty blah questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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